Drill My Hole – Bad Reference

Bad Reference is a new scene from Men.com that features James Ryder and Topher Di Maggio. The baby-faced James Ryder is a new and exclusive model at Men.com, while old hand Topher Di Maggio is well known for his massive 11.5 inch monster cock. The combination of sweet ‘boy next door’ James and hunky, well-hung Topher is perfect, and makes for a hot and erotic video.
The storyline is simple, allowing the plot to quickly move forward to the real action. James lives next door to Topher, and to buy himself some solo time James’s father hires James out to his neighbour to do some gardening.

Topher goes off to get changed before showing the new boy the ropes, butJames gets bored quickly andbegins exploring his neighbour’s house. He ends up in his neighbour’s bedroom and catches him in the act of undressing. He has a cut body and James is obviously impressed. James makes his move, and starts by helping his older neighbour undress. Before he knows it, James has DiMaggio’s long, thick dick in his mouth and his mouth is stretched to its limits by the rough pounding Topher gives him. The scene heats up as both lads get naked, down and dirty. One highlight is seeing James lying down,his cute little ass on display as he cops a mouthful of Topher’s sweet meat. Another is James’s shocked and excited scream when DiMaggio finally invades his ass, and James’s hole is stretched to the limit in his attempt to accommodate his neighbour’s massive cock.

As with all good videos things just keep getting better. In the climatic final scenes James sit’s on Topher’s love muscle, bouncing up and down frantically as he is drilled by his hunky neighbour. The sight of James’s shaved cock and balls bouncing, and the tortured, ecstatic look oh his face are a major turn-on. Ryder is brutally hammered until he can take no more and cums noisily. Topher also shoots a load from his heavy cock before this quality hardcore scene is over. The final shot of James walking away is also a winner.
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