Suite 33 Part 1

Topher Dimaggio is at it again. This sex machine is looking for a hardcore fuck. He is with someone new by the name of Donato Reyes.
Dimaggio and Donato with their well tone bodies are lying on a bed side by side wearing nothing but their undergarments. Both men already have visible hard ons. Their big cocks are ready to go. The men act real tenderly towards each other, stroking and kissing their hard bodies.

In no time both men are naked. Andrea is cute and muscular. He has a firm and well toned body. His also has a large cock. He is similar in build and size. His cock is also on the large size. The two men start stroking each other and acting as like lovers. Soon they are ready to do more than just touching.
The men soon do more than just making out. Donato put his mouth around his cock and sucks it like he is worshipping it. Topher the notices that Andrea has a nice, tight ass. There is a pair of lips tattooed on one of his cheeks that is inviting him to get closer and to give it a kiss. This is exactly what Topher starts to do and then licks the tight hole. He gets the hole wet and ready for some more fun.

Reyes bends over and allows Topher DiMaggio to enter his ass. The men fuck like this for some time and then switch to a number of different hardcore positions. The entire time they are fucking they are still kissing and stroking each other. They are not just fucking they are making love to one another. Both men continue to please each other until they cum. Dimaggio then tells Reyes a naught story of his past adventure and both men are ready for more actions.

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