The TA Part 2 with Johnny Rapid and Topher Di Maggio

The party’s over. Everyone’s gone home for the night. You’re looking to relax now that all the fun is over. Except, asleep on your couch you find a firm little piece of ass that’s been left behind. Johnny Rapid is the slim, sexy hottie that’s just woke up. He has no plans and nowhere else to go. Topher Di Maggio, a straight stud who’s never done porn before, wants Johnny gone. His house isn’t a hotel. But Johnny pleads and begs for an ounce of understanding. He’s willing to do anything for a chance at Topher house… even willing to keep the fun going just a bit longer.

When Johnny insists that he’ll take on Topher cock, you can see the pause in Topher eyes. He might never have had his cock in a man’s wet mouth before, but that warm hole does sound like a good time, even if just to try it out. Johnny has a hungry look in his own eyes. Before you know it, Johnny is thumbing at Topher pants, prying to get at that piece of meat that he needs inside him. The fun is only just beginning.

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Di Maggio cock is firm and thick, and we’re treated to Johnny bobbing up and down with the rod in his mouth. It’s slick with his spit and hard as a rock as he slides his lips over it again and again. Topher enjoys having his rod in this stud’s mouth so much, he decides to take up another offer: sucking cock himself. This straight hunk handles Johnny’s prick with passion and lust. For his first experience on film, he has the makings of a star. Instead of only bashfully tonguing at Johnny’s head, fearful to taste more, Topher takes it to the hilt, blowing and plodding with a real heat.

Things move quickly from there with Johnny enjoying Di Maggio mouth so much, he’s up in a second to slide Topher cock up his ass. Again, Johnny is bouncing around on Topher, but this time, Topher has Johnny’s boner in hand as he gets that piece of ass. Stroking away with pleasure, Topher has a grasp on a great time, and though the official party is over, this new one has heated right up. Topher fucks Johnny from every side, giving the cutie a load-blowing scene as he cums in delight. The straight stud can’t handle it anymore and his own load follows, cock shooting hot spunk from its lush head. This is a scene no one should miss.

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