Top To Bottom Part 2

If you are looking to watch some straight men agree to get down and enjoy gay sex, then Top To Bottom is the site you are definitely looking for. In this scene, you are not only looking at great pairs of sexy and cute guys but also guys with hot and fine bodies to match. They both have some sort of straight appeal and their acting experience is pretty much what you are looking to explore with a unique definition of great porn models.

The scene features Topher Sence who after breaking up with his girlfriend decides to go see his best friend Paddy O’Brian in an effort to seek consolation as the whole ordeal upset him pretty much. Since these two are already best of friends, Topher decides to ease out on his friend’s lap as he sits on the couch face up looking at Paddy. Paddy begins to notice some physical appeals on his pal. It is at this point that the scene begins to pick up its momentum. As Paddy stares at Topher, he discovers that his friend’s problem has to do with women and that he should venture into something new.

In Topher’s situation, it is not easy to convince him to get his cock out. As the scene starts off, the two seem straight until it gets down to a hardcore scene. What makes these two men compatible and a perfect match is there similarity in their physic which is characterized by a fit body with tattoos. In addition, their big, hard and cut cocks cannot be ignored. It starts off with a sucking as the camera gets up-close so you do not miss out on anything. Paddy amazing lips get down on Topher’s lovely cock. As he sucks on Topher who is straight, he gets his pants off too exposing his shaven pubes and balls.

In no time, they are both down right nude exposing their toned muscles and tattooed skin. They take turns to pleasure each other as they suck and stroke each other. The flow changes as Topher gets to pound and drill through his friend. The sight and sound of pleasure from both men is something else. In just over 25 minutes, both men cum and a mixture of straight and gay jizz fill the area. In the end, you are definitely left strategizing on how you will get your hands on that straight guy you have always been eyeing.

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